these days all most everyone uses a smart phone and they worry about the security and their Data privacy, here some tips that will help you make your mobile secure and safe, I hope that this will help you with your mobile security

 1.  Update your mobile OS and Software

Always try to keep all the installed apps and Mobile OS (Android, IOS) up to update, they app owner always try to fix any security or bugs issue and release the stable and secure one and to make sure your mobile is secure keep them up to date.

2.  Only install apps from trusted source (google play, app store)

Do not install apps from the unknown source they may be injected with virus or malware, which stole your data. Always try to install apps from the trusted source like Google play, Apple play store or trusted website or store.


3.  Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi is not secure always, to do not use Public Wi-Fi Network unless it is not very necessary. Wandera Enterprise Mobile Security Company examined around 100,000 mobile phones and found that around 24 percent were regularly using insecure public Wi-Fi networks. In addition, they found that around 4 percent of these devices came into contact with a man-in-the-middle attack in November 2017.

Still, if you have to use public Wi-Fi Network try to use a trusted VPN software, you can find best VPN application for Android here


4.  Set Screen Lock

Set Screen Lock for your mobile device and make it auto lock, it is the basic security to keep your mobile secure, but if you set a password or pin for screen lock do not use (1234, 0000,1111, your name) as you pin or password.

There are different methods to lock your mobile screen (Pin Code, Password, Pattern, Fingerprints, face recognition and many more) but the best one is password and pin code.


5.  Install antivirus app

Yes Antivirus app for mobile, most of the smartphone user does not install antivirus application on their mobile and thinks that It slow down their mobile speed or mobile do not need for antivirus. But believe me, the smartphones have OS and they get infected with virus and malware to keep your mobile phone secure please install antivirus on it.


6.  Enable Guest Mode

Your friends or co-worker may ask your for phone to make a call or for internet surfing, they may access your personal data or browsing history, that is not something good. To make sure they have access to your personal data enable guest mode on your mobile device and make it secure.


7.  Setup remote device administration

Enable remote administration on your mobile device in case you lose your mobile device, you should be able to track your mobile location or if not you should be able to wipe your personal Data through remote from your device.


8.  Setup sim Lock option

On top of option for securing your phone, make sure that you have locked your SIM if this is important to you. A SIM lock (sometimes called a SIM PIN or SIM Security) is especially important. This is because it requires you to input a PIN before you put a new sim on your mobile.


9.  Keep your confidential Data out of your mobile.

If you feel that, some of your data on your phone is too confidential then keep them away from your phone and store it on some of the USB disks and store it in a safe place.


10.  Backup

Make it a habit to keep a backup of your phone every month to cloud or on your local PC drive to be on safe side, if you lose your mobile or it gets damage still you should have most of your data




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